Nailing Your Med Rep Interview

Med Rep Interview

Introduction In our previous two articles from this series, we discussed the appeal of med rep jobs and later, the duties and responsibilities of med reps. In this final article, we look at successfully interviewing for your Medical Sales Representative (Med Rep) job. A Note on Qualifications You should be aware that employers generally require applicants for Med Rep Jobs … Read More


The Med Rep Job Description

Female Med Rep Presenter

Introduction In our last post, ‘So you Want to be a Med Rep?‘ we explored ‘The appeal of Medical Sales Representative (Med Rep) jobs particularly among science graduates’. We concluded that the job does in fact possess a number of desirable characteristics and benefits that appeal to a variety of job-seekers, even those with non-science backgrounds. The question that arose as we closed that article however, … Read More


So you Want to be a Med Rep?

Introduction Over nearly two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, I’ve been approached a great many times for information and insight on becoming a medical sales representative (Med Rep). To that end I thought it would be an interesting exercise to capture in writing, much of what I have shared while addressing questions on the topic. I’m hoping this series of … Read More